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Cleanliness is of utmost importance in establishing cultural values and relationships. With this in mind our team looks into cleanliness as a serious issue. We believe that cleanliness is essential and crucial for a successful business. We think of aiming to reduce the level of environmental pollutants and microbes within the business premises and the surroundings. Indirectly, cleanliness is connected with your business. Our standardized equipments can cater any level and any stage of cleanliness.

Living healthy and having your future generation live healthy is our goal. We believe a clean home inside can contribute a lot to the environment outside.
Our team is well equipped with all the measures to be taken to maintain cleanliness in different levels however the depth of the service is your choice. PCGS will do the needful in achieving and maintaining the ultimate state of cleanliness in your locality.

We treat each Industrial cleaning site differently, as some require special equipments while others require specialists approach. With all our expert knowledge and experience we take the responsibility to fulfill your needs with dedication and diligence.
We provide a whole range of cleaning solutions be it a laboratory, a factory or a workshop. Our services includes right from factory cleaning of internal roofs, ceilings to factory cleaning of equipments and machines. Full depth cleaning and sanitizing ignored toilets.

Our skilled workers, are just a call away to help you with the post construction clean-up. All the dirt, muck and debris thatremains after construction will all be cleared to give you the most acceptable environment to step in to a place as clean as ever.

Right from vacuuming and dusting of all surfaces and upholstery, from the smallest ceilings and floors to large areas all will be our effort to make sure no further effort should be made by our customers

In-depth clean up of all the house/office fixtures including electrical hardware and furniture and also using the best disinfectants and steam cleaning if required to keep the area free from all bacteria, germs, and insects. Our team are well trained to work patiently with your delicate accomodities to make sure there is no damage to the delicate and expensive articles yet perfectly cleaned.

WE are there to only leave your premises only if you are totally satisfied to see our work done in the most appealing and presentable manner.

Our involvement in vacate cleaning services will help you to vacate your place from all kinds of junk, pollutants and will make your environment for a renewed life. Our vacate cleaning services includes end of tenancy vacate cleaning, end of lease cleaning, real estate move out cleaning and bond return cleaning.

PCGS would be pleased to work on your garden to make them perfectly appealing and create natural environment for a true healthy living.

Our maintenance programme on a regular basis or as per your needs will not only keep the garden healthy but also rejuvenate our own life.

Our team of experts in different methods of horticulture and other new technique for safeguarding the environment are ever there to help you with just a single call.

We are there as an ever present help to turn the uncultivated and overgrown gardens into an evergreen peaceful resting place. Right from small little blocks to vast areas of land our team is all equipped with latest technology to do the best for you.

PCGS also provides service for waste removal whether it issmall or a huge debris, at home, office, industry, building sites, factories, deceased estates. We make haste to remove the waste.

PCGS has the specialist staff who are efficient in cleaning all types of carpets, rugs – be it in your home or business premises. After the cleaning, it will look, feel, fresh and very fresh.


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